A message to all my daughter’s peers, who read my blog.

Hello all 🙂

First of all, if this is class time then maybe you should close this page for now and open it to read again with your friends at break time or after you have finished all your lessons and everything else you have to do today – don’t you think?

Okay now that you have some free time to read my blog, let me say a very big thank you from me to all of you. My readership in Vietnam has gone up 100%. Alas, before you started reading me, I had almost NO readers in Vietnam 😦 , a country that I reside in and have grown to love and appreciate. Thus when I look at the healthy numbers of my Vietnam readership today, I feel very happy indeed. So thank you. 🙂

Second, I am also very happy that I have been able to reach out to all of you. To be honest, this blog is for you. I believe in all your “muchness” as the Mad Hatter so cleverly identified as the ‘greatness’ waiting to happen, inside Alice (in the book and movie, Alice in Wonderland) and I would like all of you to dream to reach the stars. And as you dream as high as you can, my own dream is that all the adults around you, who are in some way or the other responsible for you (like your parents and your educators) are able to support and enable you to achieve your dreams.

As you read me, I know you are thinking “Oh what a strange mom this one is!” Mom’s are not supposed to do this, right? Most moms would make sure you have good balanced meals to eat, your home functions well for you, you are ferried to and fro from your various activities and you follow the rules and do what you have to do within normal functional families and so on. Definitely not write weirdo blogs that everyone can read. Yikes … NO 🙂 🙂

Well, I have apologized to my children for being weird (as in not normal, like everyone else) – I mean what more could I do? Yet I have to say that both my children and my husband have embraced me for what I am and continuously thank me for being er “strange” ha ha ha. And I am so thankful for that. Yes indeed, I am a very lucky woman to have such a loving and understanding family. Well whatever, let me not digress. I just wanted to tell you that like all your parents, I too am trying the best I can to bring up my children right, make a nice comfortable and happy home for my husband and children and add value to the society that we live in. And in this piece, from me to you, I wanted to tell you why I started this ‘weird’ blog.

You see, when I had my babies I really felt the lack of a school for parents. I had left my extended family behind and my own parents were not around to show me how to best bring up my babies and manage my family.  So I was angry and frustrated and impatient and sad – and searched and searched for a school where they taught parents about family / children rearing. And could not find one anywhere. That is really amazing don’t you think? Given the fact that adults really have the power to mold every single child in their care (like it or not that is what we are doing) and we have no guidelines whatsoever about how to do it right! So yes, the future will have been made (or unmade, such as the case may be) by us adults today and how we support you children to develop and achieve in the future.

So anyway I turned to the only place everyone turns to in times of information need. Yes you got it right – I too turned to GOOGLE. And I found a lot of material, I have to say. I feel so lucky that I am a parent now and not when my parents became parents. I have no idea how they managed to rear us without the amazing internet. Well all the material I found gave me a lot of knowledge and information and research and empirical data and so on. But I could not find any learning from ‘real life experiences’ of parents, who had been there and done that and got the t-shirt, in a manner of speaking. I must add here that I was also very lucky that over the years, my children were in the best International schools in the world, where educators were very knowledgeable and well-trained to nurture children. Thus I learned a lot from all my children’s schools across various countries, from some of the most experienced and best trained educators in this region.

Thus I started bringing up my children by thinking about things. I am also very lucky to have the best husband in the whole wide world and if you ask my daughter, she too will tell you what a special father she is lucky to have. He is actually my Guru in all things and like a Guru, he gives off knowledge without any sound or fury – unlike me :). My children will tell you all the fun learning we have had together and will also roll their eyes when they speak about ALL THE LIFE LEARNING that we tried to impart to them.

As the years rolled past, and my children were coming along okay (actually they are really very good children till date), all of this above introspection led me to thinking how I could help to change things for the better for the larger community we lived in. I noticed that our little community are very social conscious. We have a huge number of charities that we all give to – give money and a lot of time and effort. We all believe that children who are physically and / or mentally impaired, those who are in orphanages or who are very poor need our help. And no doubt we all are very right. Of course, such children do need all our support and aid. Now I too wanted to help, to give off my time and effort for those who could do with a hand up. As I went out there to see who I could help, I saw that almost every “needy” institution / social group / house / people had loads of people already helping them. I thought to myself that there was nothing more I could do for these people surely, that was not already being done. So as I was looking around to see how else I could contribute, I suddenly started noticing some things very clearly and closer to home. I started noticing that within our own community, our very own children, who had everything that money could buy – things, lifestyles, holidays etc were actually more needy than we had ever thought possible. Many were not achieving their potential, some others were making mistakes and unfortunately not learning from these mistakes and many were not happy. This is when I started realizing that having everything money could buy was really no guarantee of nurturing happy and well-balanced children either. The realization also dawned that we adults thought that we were giving you children enough with the money we had at our disposal, but actually that was not enough at all. Giving you what money can buy was the least that we were giving you. I started realizing that what my children and all their friends like them needed was adult engagement, understanding and empathy for their needs. If we had this, we could support our own children so much better, facilitate them to achieve their dreams.

And hence I started my this blog. I pick up various topical issues and discuss this in ways that have worked for me as a parent or where I failed in some endeavor and what did I learn to do better because of that failure. All in the hope that my little successes will start other adults and parents thinking about finding their own ways of reaching their children and guiding them towards achieving their potential.

Hence this is my endeavor to support all our children to achieve their “muchness” by discussing as many issues as are faced by all of you today, so that parents and educators start formulating those guidelines for the most important job in the world – nurturing, supporting and enabling you, our children, for a better future for all of us and for our species.


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